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Cryo Diffusion is focused on liquid helium, hydrogen and specialty products that complement and extend the cryogenic equipment portfolio of Quantum Technology Corporation.

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About Cryo Diffusion

Cryo Diffusion, founded in 1965, has gained a reputation for designing cryogenic equipment with high performance super vacuum insulation. With its qualified technicians, Cryo Diffusion offers a full range of after-sales cryogenic services, including turnkey projects, installations, commissioning, routine services, maintenance, on-site calibrations, diagnostics, repairs, refurbishments, upgrades and discharges.

The headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Léry, France and includes 15,000 m2 of production and office space.

Count on Cryo Diffusion to meet your storage needs

  • Cryogenic equipment for “big science”, including particle accelerators and laboratories, whose main requirements are horizontal and vertical cryostats, pipes with vacuum insulation and valves for liquid helium 
  • Helium dewars and transfer pipes for laboratories and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) 
  • Tanks, pipes, valve boxes and loading stations for helium liquefaction plants 
  • Hydrogen tanks, pipes with vacuum insulation and custom products for liquid hydrogen








Our flagship products

Argon or Nitrogen Dewars

XRP S Series

These tanks are particularly suitable for applications using argon or liquid nitrogen.

LN2 Dewar

L2000 Series

The L2000 series has been specially designed for the storage and transport of liquid nitrogen.

He Dewar

NMH helium series

NMH series tanks are intended for the storage and transportation of liquid helium.

Transfer Lines

Transfer Lines

Cryo Diffusion offers a complete range of tailor-made, super-insulated vacuum transfer lines. Rigid and flexible lines are available in single or multiline configuration.

Our products from

60L to 200L:

Argon or Nitrogen Dewars

XRP S Series

These tanks are particularly adapted to liquid nitrogen or argon applications.

Series RBL Dewars

RBP VLN Series

Cylinders well-suited for frequent transport of liquid nitrogen or argon.

3000L :

Series RBL Dewars


Superinsulated tanks for LN₂ , LO₂ and LCO₂.

Industry Offshore Cryopack


This tank meets the demands of the oil and gas industry, with the best performance on the market. The cryopack was designed for offshore applications.

1,500 kgpd H2 Liquefier

Hydrogen Purifiers and Liquefiers

Quantum Technology Corporation is excited to provide hydrogen liquefaction and purification solutions on a small and large scale to our global customers.

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